Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Maybe My Brian is Like Processed Cheese

Hmm...perhaps my title says it all :-) Mind you I like processed cheese...I miss cheese. It's one of the foods my body can't handle well anymore. But, my most favoritist way to eat Craft American Singles with 2% Milk is melted, melted cheese sandwiches with the cheese oozing out the sides with each bite...or perhaps dipped gently into tomato soup with rice...ahhh, does the heart good ;-)

As a kid food was more a necessity of life. We ate the same meal every week based on the day of the week, and often there was only enough for one serving. It wasn't until the I joined the militray were food suddenly wasn't in short supply. Generous portions and variety...it was for me a taste explosion. Then creating my own recipes with dishes full of color, full of vegetables. I still prefer more veggies to meat, which balances well for my wife and kids who prefer more meat to veggies.

My daughter has become quite a lousy eater, at least when it comes to dinner, and I see the look of horror in my sons eyes when the meal is leaning decidedly vegetarian. I try to explain/share with my children what it was like not to have variety nor enough to eat. But, well, you can't really. They relate better when we're able to tie it to exerpiences they've particiapted in.

The wife wanted to volunteer with our church at Salvation Army dinner. But, could only do so if the kids could come and particiapte as well. And they were able to, and it was a good experience for them to see and to give of themselves to others.

So food is a comfort for me now. And it is one of the ways I like to share best of my time with my friends, around a shared meal. Good food, good friends, good conversations, and maybe a popped button or two.


Lee said...

Awesome! So glad the kids could have that experience. (As she hands JS a cheese sandwich and a cup of soup while sitting down to join her)

Hug me, I voted! LOL

murat11 said...

Ah, cheese: the ultimate queso.

San said...

Who's Brian?

And why is he like processed cheese?

I did the same thing in my most recent post. Except it was 'muertos' I misspelled. Then it jumped out at me.

When it comes to cheese, give me Jarlsberg. Or give me Havarti Dill. Or give me Kraft Singles, melted, oozing out the sides. Or what about melted Swiss on a Reuben piled high with sauerkraut? Or what about...

This is my Brian on cheese. Or is it cheese on my Brian?

jsd said...

lee: glad you voted - be heard!

murat: que es viva con queso

san: ah, i'm terrible about this - my last oopsee was when i emailed a brian but called him brain - sigh :)

ah, oooeee gooey goodness it all is.