Monday, October 27, 2008

A Great Weekend

I had a magical weekend with my family. Thursday and Friday I worked a 4:30pm to 12:30am shift so that I could be home with the kids on their days off from school.

Thursday was hard cause we had tons of errands, and then I went to work. But Friday was only one errand and then the rest of the day was rest and play. So play and rest we did. Plus, we had great weather this weekend, which always helps. Saturday we went downtown to Trick or Treat at the local stores...the chocolatiers handed out the good stuff - one even gave out giganto chocolate suckers.

Sunday was church...I gave my class on Lay Liturgical Roles/Why we are all called to participate within worship, which I ended with one of my favorite songs, "They'll Know We Are By Our Love". I started us off and then by the end of the first stanza everyone joined may have been an Adult Ed first for them. I got positive feedback from the Adult Ed coordinator and two people in the yeah...I didn't bomb at least not for them :) After class, the family went home, and I served as an Usher for the 11 o'clock service that had around 100 vergers in attendance; and where I got to model what I taught about making mistakes and it being ok. I forgot to go to the altar first to bow, then pass out the offering plate...but, I did make a quick recovery as soon as the other usher quietly reminded me. So, all 10 people up at the altar (to include the Bishop) saw, as well as, most of the vergers...sigh, all you can do is smile and try not to be to obvious that you forgot a step. Afterwards, we took a family bike really was a great day to be outside. We went along our usual path, which has been so cool to see the path change as the seasons have turned. So it's never really the same path, at least not for too long. I want to walk this path come Winter.

This post hasn't really described the magic of my weekend, but it was one of those weekends that cherish and hold onto.


Lee said...

Ah, I remember family bike rides. :) There was this beaver dam about 2 miles away. What fun!

So glad you had a great weekend. Don't worry about those vergers, the bishop, and the rest. At least you had a friend who reminded you. Remember my forgetting to light the candles? What could be worse than that?

Did you get to talk to any of the vergers? They were there for the annual convention. Made me so envious when I heard where it was going to be...wanted to be there too!


murat11 said...

Sounds wonderful, jsd. Why so many vergers con-verging? I didn't think there would 100 vergers in the US to con-verge in the first place. Perhaps it was an Episcopal version of the Harmonic Con-VERGE-ence.

Keep having fun.

jsd said...

murat: The vergers were converging for their 20th annual guild meeting.

lee: i didn't get to talk with the vergers from out of state...there was one from Canada and one from England there though.

San said...

JS, I like the way you describe your bike path as never really being the same path. That resonates on different levels--I can't help but think of how a life path changes in such beautiful ways.

And, yes, I do have a real sense of the magic of your weekend. Beautiful.

jsd said...

san - we just went back there today, but on foot and with the dogs...there's parts of the trail that are only for people (and dogs) it was nice to explore parts of the trail we'd never seen before as well as being on the parts we knew (at time the foot and bike paths have short overlaps. By far everyone's favorite part was crossing (the now extremely low) river in their "mud boots".

Sometimes I wonder if the area we bike through isn't a thin space.