Friday, October 10, 2008

Picture Picture

So, if you live in the part of town I live in and you're a woman then you can get a free disposable camera to take one picture of yourself and the rest to be taken of how you "see" the part of town I live in.

The wife came home with 2 cameras - one for each of us. We have to get them back on Tuesday...looks like I'll be taking lots of pictures this weekend.

Pictures will be displayed at one of the local community colleges. Not sure if one picture from each person gets displayed or only one persons work gets displayed. Either way it should be interesting what gets showcased.


Lee said...

So I take it these are film cameras? I know they have disposable digital cameras but they are probably too expensive for a give away.

Hope yours get shown, wondering if seeing any of them later is a possibility.


murat11 said...

Why not three cameras, I ask: I'm a woman, too, though I have to say that the part of town y'all live in looks mighty hazy from all the way down here. It's probably those Blue Ridge Mountains in the way.

Y'all have fun this weekend.

San said...

That's a fresh idea for an exhibition--photographers' self-portraits and what the neighborhood looks like through their eyes. A group show would be fun. I hope you'll be able to take pictures at the exhibition and show us.

jsd said...

lee: yes they are film cameras - much more likely to get them back.

murat: I finished my roll, not sure how many the wife has left to take.

san: if i know when they're going to show people's work - either both of us or the wife will go...i didn't get many details.