Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vermont in the Fall

Here's one of the photos I took of Vermont somewhere around the Smuggler's Notch area. I've decided for now to only post one picture - the rest will be gifts, and maybe even a Christmas card.

Directly behind this scene is a road that is a route, but which one it is escapes me now, and across the road is an old metal frame bridge. I took pictures of it too...but when I was crossing back over the road some guy in a truck yelled at me to go home. The whole thing surprised me...and I thought I am home, not the home of my heart, but I am home. This is matter how much I might wish home where somewhere else.

Part of it is this space...but the other part of it is me...I'm never quite wholly comfortable. This is a beautiful place but the sacrifices - these weigh heavy. I looked through all the pictures - some where just okay either the lighting was off or the focus was a little off - but as a whole they aren't bad. The ones I like best are the ones with reflections like the one above, then the ones of flowers I took with the macro lens that "pop" with color and intimate space. I was suprised that the images speak so much about space (for me at least), and maybe a little bit about hope. My hope that this place can become home.


murat11 said...

Gorgeous image and color, jsd.

Lee said...

That is definitely one of your best, JS! Loved the ones you sent my email too. Makes me glad I've got a photo chip in my printer. I wonder if I can print one of them out and put it on my wall. :)


jsd said...

murat: thank you, thank you.

lee: thank you - if it prints well let me know.

San said...

You've hit on a profound truth, JS. Feeling "at home" has more to do with inner feelings than with outer circumstances. When we first moved to Santa Fe (15 years ago), I would read in the papers about the northern New Mexico natives' resentment of the Anglos moving in from California (we moved from San Francisco) and I would sometimes find the tension palpable when I passed by certain people in the grocery store. Now I never feel this. Part of it is a changing culture. Part of it is a changing San who feels "at home."

jsd said...

san: I keep thinking that my transitions are lessening, but do they ever or do they just become new things...and perhaps I should prefer the transitions, the new things, to comfortable...but, then, yet - i think perhaps what may be best for me is a little bit of both: comfort and transition - better balance.