Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where Did the Week Go

I'm quite excited that it's the weekend, but where did the week go? Where has my Saturday gone...

The wife works today - boo; I did my "extra, extra" work today as well; the kiddos are trying to rest to get over their colds.

Later today, we'll try on our full winter kits - perhaps I'll post pics - depends on how cute we look ;-)

I've installed GIMP, and the help files - very nice freeware. Got to put Draw to work today. OpenOffice is MS Office but free and then some things. So as I can I work using the new tools into my everyday, but that's been slower going.

The highlight for today will be bringing home Vietnamese take-out home for dinner.

Well, off to do some honey-do items.


I have Spiritual Direction Monday - sigh - I don't have a clue what I'll talk about...let the spirit guide me eh.

Reading Interior Castles and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Jesus for the Non-religious.

There's two things about Burlington I'll never come to like:
there are zero after-school-programs in place the week right after school lets out, and the two weeks after school just doesn't make any sense to us;

people have come to think that it's ok for their salaries to be totally out of whack with the cost of living.

I still miss home...I thought this place could become home, but I don't's pretentious, it thinks it's this great place for families to be - but it's an illusion only the rich here can afford.

Maybe I'm wrong, but SA didn't pretend to be more then it was - Home of the Spurs, and working class people, though I imagine with the rapid growth the dynamics of the city will change.

I've never been a nothern girl, I'm a mid-western suburban motown sa-town y'all kinda girl and perhaps "they" don't know what to make of me either.

I keep catching myself counting down to when I can leave here...some of that is wanting to come to the turning point shall we say - the one way or another way.

But, when we're hiking or biking, when I can find stillness - then this place isn't so bad.


murat11 said...

Girlfriend, in your Burlington rant, it hit me: you're living in Austin North! Or Madison East! Lovely towns for the Haves! After years (my "having" years) of loving Austin, I finally got with the SA vibe: it's home, it's funky, and yes, we got's po' people.

Power to the people, sister.

jsd said...

murat: thank you sista :-)

Lee said...

Glad you like GIMP, JS. Sorry your week and Saturday went by so fast. Hope things look up tomorrow.

I feel for you being in a place that still doesn't feel like home. SA felt like home to me six months after I arrived. But then I'm a Texas girl.

If there's a countdown going I hope the clock has pause buttons on it. You never know when life will take a sideways route.

Interior Castles huh? You do some heavy reading, JS. Good luck with that. Is it part of EFM?

Hope! & Hugs!

jsd said...

lee: ah perseverance well has been tapped more then I worked on refilling'll all be ok. And when I'm being mindfull I do pause the button :-)

Interior Castles is for myself - part of my need to refill my perseverance well.

San said...

JS, sometimes I feel that way about Santa Fe, at least the image of Santa Fe. It can be painfully politically correct here, and yet, it's the brand of political correctness of the privileged minority. I mean, what do trust fund kids really know about poverty? We probably have more trust fund kids per square mile than anywhere in the Universe.

jsd said...

san: "they are painfully politically correct here" - I've found Santa Fe's twin sister city :-)

Someone told my wife that the kids who go to UVM are the rich kids from CT who just want to ski.

Sigh, the "veneer of afluence"...looks so pretty on the outside, but it's terribly thin and eventually it peels.