Monday, August 25, 2008

Got my first EM here under my belt

I had originally been asked to EM on the 24th, then told I didn't need to and could I EM on the 9/7 - I said sure. But then I got an email from someone else asking if I could do altar guild after the 10 o'clock service. I said I could, and then I got to thinking...and realized that something must have gone wrong with the EM schedule. So I showed up early for the 10 o'clock service just in case...and lo I was EMing that day and not on 9/7.

So, I asked an EM who was there to walk me through the paces one more time - my training had been a month ago, and how they EM here is very differnet from how I EMed back in the land of tejas. And could she please show me how to loop the rope around my waist. During all this my kiddos kept coming back into the vesting could her the nervousness in my voice, but I was still thoughtful as I said, "[Daughter's name], I'm sorry but I can't give you my full attention right now." Then the priest suggested they go back to the pews...and then they showed up two more times, and finally I said they "Well, I don't care if Mimi said you could come back here - you need to go back to your pew and stay there." In an annoyed but not angry voice.

Note: The deacon, priest, and EM all sit in together behind the altar.
While one of the hymns was playing the priest whispered - did you know the Bishop is here? (pause) Umm, no. During another hymn the priest whispered - I see 8 cleregy in the pews. Sweat starts to appear on my forehead.

I made two slight first was that I started to slightly raise when the priest rose - but only she was supposed to rise. And the second was when I took the prayer book from the altar when it should have stayed on the altar. So when it was needed - thankfully, me and the preist returned to the altar with said book so it didn't look too obvious.

I felt really comfortable during The Word of God, and then really nervous during The Great Thanksgiving, because I didn't know exactly where my body needed to be. Then during communion I felt super relaxed again. Maybe I'll video tape the next's so easy to fall into the flow of the service in the pews, that I forget to keep watching the altar to see what/where the EM is.

But, overall - it went really well. The priest said I did really good for my first time up there, and she'd have told me if I'd need to work on something. And later I got two was so nice to see you up there, you looked really good up there.

Now, here's to EMing getting easier each time I'm up there.

And now for the random:
The only other thing on my mind is that perhaps I need to exercise restaint in conversation. The couple who gave me the compliment then said something that I can't even remember now (I'm going to have to ask the wife) and then I blurt out in pure enthusiasim and excitement, Thank You, I want to be like [Priest X]. And I'm here so I can discern. Ah sigh...don't call me sauve nor subtle :-)


Lee said...

Congratulations on your first EM at the new church! Hope you aren't worrying overmuch about slight mistakes. I've done so many of them that I've lost count. :)

So you outed yourself on your desire to serve huh? Glad to hear you are that enthusiastic about it. :) What was their reaction? Does your priest know already?


murat11 said...

About the random, jsd: we all gotta come out sometime, eh? :-D

Congrats on making the transition. So glad they ain't no ropes to tie down here in TexasLand. I'd never get out of the vesting room.

Have fun, with or without a house full of clergy and bishopry.

jsd said...

So, I asked the wife what the couple said and it basically went like this (the part I couldn't remember): you looked like you belonged up there. So, my blurting out what I did now makes more sense.

It's also a wonderfully out of the blue affirmation. I got a similiar one in Tejas too.

lee: nah, I was just so glad not to make any horrid mistakes.

people mostly nod their heads and say aaahhh.

One of the priests knows, the other will on Thursday.

murat: Definitely, in it's own way it's like coming out of the closet. How odd though.

I'm going to either have to find a diagram or the vergers are going to have to help, else I won't make it out of the vesting room either.

I suppose I could look this up, but I'll ask you anyways - what's the pupose of the ropes?