Friday, August 01, 2008

Bluck! What is that nasty tast in my mouth...

Why it's the Windsor Consultation Group. And for those of you in there hope?

Check out this link:, which led to this link:

Which led to me feeling those feelings that I do about a particular bishop...must unclench teeth now. Which led to a google search on said bishop, perhaps you'll find it interesting as well.

I must let go...I must let go...I must let go...


murat11 said...

"'It is a flag raised to see who salutes at this stage,' said the ( Rev.olting) Rowan Williams..."

Can this man get any more Neanderthal in his bleatings?

Religion as patriotism, as loyalty tests and loyalty oaths? I've never been big on knee-jerk flag patriotism, never understood its pull on people. The pledge of alllegiance? Please.

Funny you should post this: I was up very early this morning and decided to check out the West Texas website to see what the purple shirts were sending back. I was dismayed to see a pile of recordings, as Gary's voice tends to grate on my nerves. I listened to a few. Ho hum. I'm beginning to see that what Lillibridge doesn't say is far more important than what he does say, since he generally says, as far as I can tell, nothing. He has a fondness for summarizing other people's points of view. If you happen to be broaching a controversial topic, his default position is to refer to the fact that there are a number of opinions, blah blah blah...

I wonder if he knows that no matter what he does to cozy up, he will never be the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The idea of a Covenant, especially as envisioned by these men in suits, is anathema. Very strange that it is the full inclusion folks who are marginalized at the expense of Christian bigotry. Full inclusion, to me, means that even the bigots get to stay. Wish they would at least return the favor.

Somewhere in my roamings this morning I read of an Indian cleric mentioning that homosexuality is "not allowed" in India. Oh really? I thought of the movie "Fire."

Guess I'm gearing up for the September GLEF meeting with GL.

Thank goodness for supremacy of laity, right? Wonder if Lillibridge has heard of it.

jsd said...

murat: I just don't understand, and well it would scare the crap out of me if I did.

Yeah, and don't you know there's no lgbt people in Africa either.

What I really don't understand is how other people don't see what is left unsaid; why he isn't called to address the void of his thoughts.

Why don't people see that the church won't be destroyed by lgbt folks, but by those who think it is their right and duty to tell you how and what and when to think...they could become catholics for all that (I say this as an ex-catholic, at least the flavor I was raised in), or perhaps a refresher in literature such as "1984" would help.

murat11 said...

I love your phrase, "the void of his thoughts." That's a beauty (the phrase, not the reality).

Addressing that void is what I'm hoping for at the September meeting.

I don't know if I told you or not, but there are some folks at St. Paul's who are planning to start an Integrity chapter; St. Paul's will be the sponsoring church.

At the last GLEF meeting in June, I was finally able to tease out that for some, GLEF (meaning fellowship) is really all they want, while there are folks would like to see a more activist (now I remember, I did tell you this, didn't I?) approach to full inclusion.

Lee said...

I didn't like what little I understood about all of that. It just made me angry. That usually removes all reasoning from my brain. I think I agree with what Paschal and you were saying between the comments. Don't really have anything to contribute but just a general recognition that I felt the same way.

Speaking of feelings, please go over to authorblog and read his Cumulo Nimbly post.

Btw...I'm going to make time to watch Randy Pausch's lecture on Time Management. Should be good stuff. :)


jsd said...

murat: I think before I left we had vaguely spoken about that maybe being the case - but I'm very glad that those who would like more then fellowship will have Integrity as an outlet.

lee: i'll have to find Randy's time management video.

San said...

It's really maddening to me and I'm not even in the Episcopal church. I live in a fairly "liberal" community and begin to take the relative "tolerance" here for granted. I put those words in quotes because I don't like them. I just can't find better ones right now. Someone needs to come up with some though.

San said...

P.S. Don't like the word "tolerant" because it's suggesting there's something to be "tolerated" or "put up with as best as one can." And "liberal" suggests over-seasoning, as in "Sprinkle with cayenne liberally."

jsd said...

san: it's mind boggling at times...I've never read Uncle Tom's Cabin, but the parts in it that talk about "the bible says", "good christian"...some things haven't changed and that is sad.