Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Very Good Read and A Sense of Peace

So, yesterday I found a free pdf download of a book called "The One Minute Manager"...it is well worth the read, and it reads quickly. I've already finished it but will go through it again much slower. So thanks to Lee for pointing out a time management lecture that led to a reference to the book.

I have an interview tomorrow for a help people run errands, sit with them, cook for them type job...wish me luck. I'm actually pretty excited about the job - it feels like a right fit.

A co-worker of mine has some work coming for me. I don't know how much nor for how long nor when exactly, but it doesn't matter - I won't be saying no.

If I get both of these jobs, then things will be so tight as to still grind a little, but we won't go into debt - at least that's my hope.

We're adjusting, I'm adjusting...I'm finally at the point where the thought of all this doesn't reduce me to tears. I'm finally able to say, and mean it - I haven't come all this way, given up my family's home, moved them away from family, just to quit upon arrival. "This" will not be my brick wall.

I've gotten to this place with the help and love of my family and friends - all I can say is thank you, and maybe one day I can give back what you've given to me.


Lee said...

You're welcome, JS. One Minute Manager has been around for a while but it seems to work. Wishing you all success!


murat11 said...

Good: the "brick wall" is paper, after all, like those paper "barriers" across the goal posts, cheerleaders and football team busting through.

Best of luck on the works.

I suppose something called "The One Minute Manager" better be a quick read, right? Anything longer kind of defeats the message. :-D

jsd said...

lee: thank you.

murat: I like your analogy :)

love to you both