Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking Forward to the Changing Weather

If the leaves but would turn
perhaps so would I
If the winds but would blow softly
perhaps so would I
If the color but would change
perhaps so would I

I've quite a bit of anticipation for the coming of Fall...like something deep down inside is hungry, and has waited so patiently for so long, that the continued waiting is much harder to contain.

So off with the head of logic
To walk from the heart
See from the heart
Listen from the heart

I'm excited again, and that feels good. Worried about the children; they're still struggling to get over colds. I still worry about making it here. But, it's not an all consuming thought anymore. I hope that time shows me, that all that worry was for naught you little child of small faith.


Lee said...

Sorry the leaves haven't started turning yet, JS. Bet when they do it will be lovely. Hope daughter has lots of yellow and orange in her crayon box. :)

I've been trying for several days to listen to the videos you posted in the last post. It just isn't happening. They look like they start and even continue to download the file, but I get no motion or sound. :( Sometimes they play but not yet. If it happens I'm sure I'll love them.


jsd said...

lee: nothing to be sorry about...it's nice too feel excitement and anticipation again.

i don't know what's up with the videos not working.

San said...

JS, I picture you crunching the colorful leaves with your footsteps, listening to the wind, opening to the possibilities. And is that a "head of logic" I see before my eyes? To walk with possibility or not. That is the question. Seems you've answered that question and are well on your way...

murat11 said...

Glad for the hunger and the joy of anticipation. Those leaves will indeed turn.

jsd said...

san: I like the vision; I can't wait to walk the trails in the Fall with my camera.

murat: thank you :-) xx

jsd said...

murat: xx is hugs right? if not xx, and oo too :-)