Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pics from around town and Pride

Some pics from around town and two pictures from Pride. It was a small parade, but hey at least they had one.


Lee said...

Hey JS,
Liked the way the shape of the tower seemed to elongate itself and the shadow play helped. Kept wondering if I'd see a gargoyle or some pigeons sticking heads out. :)

Nice view of the lake. Was that some sort of regatta with all the boats there?

Lovely town square. Looks like a fun place to wander and shop. :)


murat11 said...

jsd: Nice to have the black and whites. Maybe the leaf people scared away the rest of the parade.

What's it like to have that water so much a part of your daily consciousness? Nice.

jsd said...

lee: No regatta, just parked boats. Glad you liked the pics.

murat: lol, actually the leaf people were quite the attraction.

Currently, it draws thoughts like -what's on the other side of the lake, since the view is often faded, it becomes less real and distant, more imagintive space. I guess it also beacons me not to dislike this space so. Got my stuff to work out.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia - I'm a friend of Lee's.

Great angle on the first shot - and I did have a chuckle at your home haircut post!

jsd said...

David: hello, and glad you came by...thank you for the compliment...out of the whole roll that was my favorite shot.

yeah, hair gel helps me not llok like a fuzz ball...wonder how it's going to grow out :-)

San said...

Such a charming place you live. I feast on views of such "traditional" architecture. I love the adobe look of Fe, but I need to see towers and Gothic arches and red brick sometimes too. And water.

Glad you had a Pride parade. It's become a fairly big thing here too. Nothing like San Fran was but pretty impressive nonetheless.

jsd said...

san: it does have it's own charm, and the views of the water are nice...but i find myself happiest when we're in the woods.