Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy Weekend Ahead

We've quite the weekend ahead.

Saturday is the annual summer "Rumble" for the neighborhood I live in. Then later in the day is Evensong and I'm ushering for the first time.

Sunday is early church for me, help with altar guild, then later in the day a bowling birthday party for the kids; plus a potluck dinner with fellow 'down the blockers' at one of our nieghbor's house.

I'm pretty excited about all the visiting and getting to know one another.

I'm slowly giving to God my worries and letting him keep them...I realized what some of my lessons are right before I feel asleep but, chuckle, it's fuzzier now...something like even in suffering there is beauty...the other lesson is about recognizing wants vs needs. Though finding a second job so we can pay for healthcare is definitely a need and not a want.

My wife was catching up with one of her friends, and she summed it up best - when I'm not worrying about money, I really like it here.

I told my wife I'm willing to struggle and work two jobs during this time of waiting to be able to start the process, and then go through the process - but if after two years and the call isn't affirmed, and we're still struggling, then I don't think we'll stay here. Not because we don't like the space, but because I'll have so little time with my family.

And there in a nutshell is the sum of my worries - the only other thing on my mind of late is that back in Tejas I was the 'chatty one', the one people approached, but here it's my wife who's approached and chatty.

Anyways, hope y'all are having good weeks.

p.s. I highly recommend "The Invention of Hugo Cabret". It's an amazing childrens' book, which I read from start to finish last night (all 550 pages of it).


San said...

The Invention of Hugo Cabret--if it's half as good as its title, that book is fabulous.

Being self-employed, Bennie and I never had as much time with the whole family together as we'd have liked. So we tried to make what time we did have count. Little things like sitting down together for dinner and conversation make a big difference in a family's sense of connectedness. And when the kids were little and we'd had a BIG day at the gallery (meaning lots of sales), we'd go out to a favorite restaurant and celebrate. So many families today don't have even meals together. Life is rather fragmented. And many of our kids' friends found the fact that their parents were still married quite the wonderful novelty. They used to relate this to us with joy!

jsd said...

san: I really liked the book, the author uses drawings like in a movie to movie the story along and bring it visually to life as much as the words do. I showed it to my daughter this evening and the pictures drew her in too.

thank you for sharing...I'm slowly coming to an ok place with all the changes even the unexpected ones.

Lee said...

Glad life is getting busier for you friend wise. Sounds like the kids are settling in too.

I'm glad you are coming to terms with the changes in your life. Those things aren't always easy and I suspect that most folk don't totally take into account all the changes that will be coming when they start to build their dreams.

Noticed this AM that you guys are getting a fair bit of heavy rain. So is South Texas. Come visit my blog if you can find time today. There are reports on hurricane Dolly up on it (two of them).

I think people will warm up to you in ever increasing numbers as you adjust to things. You are awesome when you let yourself be open about who and what you are. I remember a certain event in our life group that I've never forgotten. :)


jsd said...

lee: thank you :)

murat11 said...

Funny, I always found you and Wonder Woman to be equally chatty, wonderfully so.

I've certainly done my share of money worrying: what a waste of our lives, and what a irritating annoyance. Ice cream is a much better compulsion, and you are perfectly situated (geographically) to take that one on.

Will put your book rec in the queue. Mr Baby has knocked out the Potters and is almost done with the Percy Jackson series: we need a new addition.

Love to The House That Loquacity Built.

jsd said...

murat: :) love back at you and yours :)