Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pictures of Vermont

My friend Lee has been sending me pictures of Vermont, and with each image I find myself catching my breath, and my heart feels weird, and my tummy tightens - but not with anxiety, but with a longing towards and for something that I know is awaiting me.

So here's some of the picture's Lee has sent me from various websites:


alt said...

Hmmm, Vermont looks to be a cold and uninviting place full of depravity and bubonic-plague carrying rats. Not nearly as pleasant or child-rearing friendly as say, I don’t know, the great state of Texas. Sigh. I mean, congrats on selling the house. Boo hoo.

Lee said...

Aw, blush! Thank you, JS!

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

jsd said...

We love you too alt! And now you've no excuse for not visiting the great North East. Can I get a road trip hoo-rah!

murat11 said...

All due respect to Ms Chrysalis, jsd, I think your lovely Vermont pix are sadly lacking the essential masterpiece (link provided):

Waterbury, VT: decadence never better.