Friday, October 26, 2007

Closing Date and Moving

Well, things are still looking good for the closing on our house - yea! We weren't able to find a rental house - boo. But I suppose apartment living won't be so bad when it's only for 8 months. And it really is a very nice apartment complex.

I just want November 5th to hurry up and get here so that I can honestly let go of the stress. I keep giving it to God and taking it back...I really wish She'd quit obliging me.

I've been reading Borg's book about meeting Jesus for the first time. And one of the chapters talks about the femininity of God/Jesus. And that's been really good for me, as well as the interesting thoughts about Sophia a.k.a. Wisdom was a lady.

So we've got tons of little things to do and tons of big things to do and many phone calls to make - moving is a major pain in the butt. And I'm ready to get started. I'm ready for the big move - but I need the transitional move I guess - I know my children do. We're working through having to let go. I am so excited about Vermont, and very sad to leave a place where the potential for some awesome growth is being given room to incubate and then possibly blosom but I suppose where and how the blosom goes depends on the congregation.


Lee said...

JS and family, Congratulations on the upcoming closing and I hope you enjoy the apartment lifestyle while you have to live it. You are so courageous about all of this. I'd be scared and dithering.

How are you going to handle the move to the apartment? One day? Or several? Storage? Or moving sale?


murat11 said...

Cheers on the new apartment. Short term, they can certainly have their advantages.

What a great time it will be to go to Vermont. I moved from New Orleans to Idaho in January, which had its own snowy charm, but it may be easier to make the transition into snowy winter gradually.

jsd said...

lee: we're doing the bulk of our moving of the "small" things this weekend, then movers for the big stuff, then cleaning up the house for the new owners.

Oh, it's not like I/we haven't been scared. Plus it took time to get to this point. It wasn't an overnight decision, it's taken us about a year to get here.

murat11: yeah, apartment living will be an adjustment, and I'm glad it's for a short timeframe (at least I hope so).