Monday, October 22, 2007


Went to a jazz concert with my wife this Saturday. We saw, Brandford Marsalis and his quintet. Now, I'm not much of a jazz fan - so I went to this out of love, and it wasn't bad. My problem with jazz is that my ears and brain translate the music as noise. What I liked about this jazz was that it sounded smooth even if nearly everything sounded the same to me. I asked my wife if she could hear the difference and she said yes. Then I said that I liked classical music alot more then jazz, and she said it was the opposite for her.

Watching the drummer was fascinating - seeing his hands fly across the drums and cymbols, feet bouncing. The bassist with his odd head shoulder body movements.

But 2 hours had me at my limits even when the jazz was good. What's odd to me, is that I enjoy music that doesn't have "words" per say, but not jazz. And I guess it bothers me that I don't like jazz, cause I keep thinking I should, but I don't.

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Lee said...

Morning JS!

Being at one's limits is a frustrating experience. For me, Jazz and Classical took a bit of ear training. I don't like repetitive Jazz or the extremely noisy stuff either. Have you ever heard vocal jazz? It can be very entertaining.

Classical can be either a very emotional experience or very dry and boring. I think it all depends on the ability, training, and creativity of the artist. If they get too involved in the technical aspects of their performance they forget to put any feeling and emotion in and thus you get quality but boring stuff. Example: I love Stomp! but even there high energy and very creative stuff can have moments of repetitive boredom for me. :)

Glad you found something in the concert to like.