Thursday, March 29, 2007


Been reading like crazy...finished "The Close" - it was the beginning of "The Episcopalians" - I think it's going to provide a very nice overview of the Episcopal church, a much lighter read than "The Reformation: A History" which what I read was good (it just got overcome by other books, and I had to return it to the library). I'm really enjoying "Living in the Spirit" which I don't have the internal pressure of speed reading through, since it's not due back in two weeks. Then off to "Being Christian" along with the all everyday readings.

Greek has been resurrected - I was getting overwhelmed with lots of other stuff. I seem to be stuck on chapter 7 vocab. But, plow, plow, plow through I will.

I'll be starting EFM at the end of summer and they're having a Seder Meal. I'm really looking forward to the meal and to meeting everyone.

Centering Prayer in the morning is hard for me, I find that my mind once mildly awake wants to begin thinking about everything I need to do - sacred word, sacred word, sacred word. I wonder if anyone else has the sensation of upon "leaving" centering prayer of their limbs feeling heavy as if rooted to the ground?

Was looking for something to listen to and decided upon the M People - I forgot how much I like this group - you can't help but tap a foot and sing along.


Lee said...

Interesting, the feeling of weighted limbs. I've gotten that feeling after a really great massage but in prayer I tend to feel focused and directed instead of weighted down. Maybe your body is saying, I'm safe here and don't want to leave this place.

Good luck on EFM. Maybe I can do that someday after I have my career on track. Till then, please keep me up on what you learn in that course.


murat11 said...

Yo, IT:

Apropos of the World and all its glory: many thanks for the M People. Was enjoying its sizzle-bop plentyfine, and then on comes the orchestral wonder of one of the 50 songs that should easily be on any discerning fanatic's Top 5: I be talking, of course, of the splendiferous "Itchycoo Park." Oh, my: it sneaked up with the little cathedral-like intro and then BOOM, we're all 14 and boppin' in the fuzzy gym of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, "it's all TOO beautiful..."

Not to mention that Ms. Heather Small's voice has the rolling thunder of the inimitable Joan Armatrading, check out her eponymous first album from 1976, "Down to Zero" in particular.

Peace. And thanks. "Why the tears there?"

jsd said...

Lee: Thanks for the well wishes, and I'll try to spread what I learn :-)

Murat11: I'm very glad you liked the cd - they are a too cool group, and yes her voice is magical. Between her voice and the lyrics it's easy to find one's self transported away. I'll see if I can't track down Ms. Armtrading's album.