Sunday, March 18, 2007

Elements and Pulling Weeds

So my wife and I bought a 2007 Honda Element this week (above is a picture of it) only ours has running boards and a roof rack. It's a pretty cool little SUV. We were having problems with our minivan and were starting to get the feeling that the service department wasn't doing a good job anymore, hence we shifted brands and downsized in the process. That was last Monday, and here it is Sunday and I've no buyers remorse :-)

The rest of the week was alright. My wife and I and our daughter pulled a whole lotta weeds this weekend. Now we're down to the tiny ones; some clover, teeny tiny pricker plants, and some crab grass. I mowed for the first time in months. It felt really nice to be outside after so much rain; which also made pulling weeds easier.


Lee said...

Pricker plants? Are those what I call grass burrs? I remember some childhood yards with not thorns at all. It was a delight to walk in them barefooted.

It really is a cool car. What's the predicted gas mileage?


jsd said...

It's not the plant that has the nasty hurtful burs. I grew up with kentucky blue grass - it's like carpet. Grass in Texas is like dull or sometimes sharp knives deepening on how calaused one's feet are.

I don't remember the gas mileage ratings.