Thursday, March 01, 2007


So there’s pain in the water
A bitter drink to swallow
Being left maybe to swing…
…from the gallows

From the land of milk and honey
To the land of power and money
…swaying in the wind

Who will take me down
And rub my body with anointment
Who will take me down
And rap my body in cloth

Bare this cross a little longer
One more season
One more
It is too much already

Will you sit at my table
and eat with me
Will you sit at my table and eat
as Paul or as Peter

Like water added to wine
You can’t undo the act


murat11 said...

Ouch, this is painfully beautiful and raw. Poetry aside, I want to say, "Is everything alright?"

"Will you Paul or as Peter" Very fine, that stanza. Is the "anointment" intentional, because that surprise works, too.


jsd said...

Yes, I'm alright. I wrote both the poems as a way to get out what I've been feeling about what came out of the Primates meeting in Tanzania in regards to the Episcopal Church. Not saying anything about what's going on was eating at me, so I let the pain out, which I am working on replacing with hope.

Anointment was intentionally chosen...I had an image in my head and was struggling for the right word...and this one was the one that insisted on being.

murat11 said...

You know - I know you know - that you are on a journey to grow this motley church that dares to call itself a church, while bureaucratic "primates" spout off horrific idiocy, couched in words of "openness" and "listening" and "tolerance." What horseshit.

You would be entirely within your wits and your rights to simply walk away. But, then again, how many of us could remain here in Bushland (local, state, and national), if we really followed our conscience?

Never question the power of your witness, even in the face of "prima-tive" intolerance. Christ and the 10,000 Angels would ask no less.

Peace and love to you all.

jsd said...

Thank You, for your words and your love...

Lee said...

I'll sit at your table any time. And no I won't come as some old apostle. Just me! (g)