Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nicho Workshop and a poem

This Saturday my wife and I attended a nicho workshop. This is the first nicho I've ever made and I don't think it will be my last. Everyone's nicho was truly different and all were beautiful. It was soothing and I didn't talk often, my wife and a friend were chatterboxes...but it provided pleasant backdrop.

Nicho are altars you make to remeber and honor loved ones.

I tend to forget how much I like using my hands to make things. Maybe because most of my creative time is spent in my head and only later do I use my hands, and usually it's to type.

Speaking of which here's my "green" poem for last Saturday:
Luscious how it rolls off my tongue
Rigid and serpentine
Along the ridgeline of your taut neckline
Pin you to me in a coiled embrace
Swaying softly with you – mesmerized


Lee said...

Nice sensual feel to that one, JSD. In what context do you mean green?


jsd said...

Lee: I meant green as luscious, vibrant, delicious - abstractly green.