Saturday, January 06, 2007

What I'm Reading

I was doing daily readings from the lectionary until I could no longer control the urge to finish as quickly as I could the whole of the New Testament and then onto the Old Testament. I've finished all of the NT except for Mark, Luke and John, and here my tugs take another turn. I'm doing my version of daily reading now where I read a chapter (unless long - then I stop at some internally defined stopping point) of Mark, a Psalm, and then a chapter from Deuteronomy (I'd already read the other books up to that point).

Part of the change was that following the Lectionary would have me finishing the Bible in 3 years, and well, since I haven't read all of it yet - that was just too slow a pace for me. Once I've read all of it then it's like I keep feeling like I'll release this deep breath I've been holding.

I've this rather large pile of spiritual/religious books that keep beckoning me to read them too. Like Ministry for the Sick and Dying, Care of the Soul, how to use the Book of Common Prayer, a lectio devina book, Benedict's Rule of Life, a commentary, an atlas of the Bible, a history of the Bible - well you get the picture. I used to be a read one book at a time person - not anymore. I have book marks holding my place ready in every single one of those books. Luckily I can pick up where I left off and remember what it last was I read unless I've neglected the book for quite a while.

Oh, and I decided on Mounce's book for learning NT Greek and the workbook to go with it, which should be arriving any day now (and the library can get their copy back).

What else is my scattered and fragmented mind persuing - I've gotten mostly back on track with my photography courses, I'm trying to refocus on Centering Prayer, and I start Tai Chi in two weeks.

I've been asking in my prayers for time to do all these things and upon reflection time is beginning to open up for me - now for the faith part, I hope it continues :-)

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Lee said...

My stack of faith readings consists of The Road Less Traveled, Care of the Soul, Genesis Meditations, Faith that Breathes, Mere Christianity, the Bible (w/ apocrypha) and the BOCP.

I'm jealous about the Tai Chi and wish I had a yoga or Tai Chi class to attend. Probably not in my future for a couple more years. Lucky you! I'm glad God is opening up time for you. (g)