Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Day in 6 Words

I was tagged to write a meme: a story in 6 words (see the bottom of Susan's post fun-meme). So here's my 3 creations describing my day thus far.

Weather advisory. Ice Capades with cars.

Playing videogames. Son excited. Together conquered.

Daughter dances in tutu. I smile.

Well, I got to stay home with the kiddos due to nasty weather. The roads in San Anton are icing over - may even get to stay home tomorrow - yeah. Just hope everyone who can't be home is able to stay safe.

I now tag, Bones of the Sky and Murat11.


Lee said...

I like your imagery. (g)


murat11 said...

This should be easy:

1. Hot baths. Hot baths. Hot baths.

2. Foggy brain and nasty little ague.

3. Reading Gravity's Rainbow in the bathtub.

4. Breakthrough: writing memes cuz I'm tagged.

Unsociable blogger that I am, I'll just have to tag your esposa. Love to you all.

T's would probably be:

1. Nursing baby, and nursing big baby.

Susan Palwick said...

Good job! :-) And as I told Lee, I'm jealous of you guys for getting days off! I wish I were!

jsd said...

Thank You Lee and Susan.

Murat11: I'm sorry you're feeling poorly - the one for T made me laugh. I'll let the esposa know she's been tagged.

murat11 said...

Here is T's:
Stir crazy; ice maze; when, freedom?

jsd said...

At work eating lunch, rather'd home.

Lee said...

Dress warm. Step outside. Grass skate!