Friday, January 12, 2007

Greek Update

Well, I've gotten most of the NT Greek alphabet memorized. I can't spout it rapidly in order yet, but I going to try to put the Greek aplhabet to the English alphabet song: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc and see if that helps. Xi and Phi I tend to want to confuse, and I'm hit or miss with recognizing Eta. But the resources that come with Mounce's book are excellent. I REALLY like being able to hear the letters and words pronounced correctly (or as he states pronounced correctly so that any seminarian will understand you).

Sometimes it drives me batty that every answer leads to another question and sometimes I'm thankful that the questions keep coming.


murat11 said...

Good morning, Ms Transposer. Shamin' us with all your activity over on the westside. You sure you don't run on days with more hours than we mere mortals have?

No obligations, mind, but wanted to let you know that things have rumbled up again at one of my half-dozen orphanblogs. I'll be doing poetry (meaning WRITING poetry) for the next 12 weeks over at the "mission." It's been fun.

You'll find all the rumblings over at

We'll see you in the morrow.

Lee said...

Hi JSD! How is the song alphabetagamma song coming? (g) I used to be able to say the Greek alphabet both forwards and backwards when I was a kid. Can't do it anymore though. I'm wondering how hard it would be to learn it again.

That website for bible training was interesting. I could see what you meant about where the site is conservative. Good luck there.

Susan Palwick said...

Wow. I'm really impressed by anyone who takes the time to learn Greek! I did an intensive summer Latin course in grad school (two and a half years of college-level Latin in ten weeks) and that nearly killed me. I'd never try Greek, which is supposed to be much harder.

Good luck!

jsd said...

murat11 - I wish I could effect the space-time continuom, but alas no. "We're" just been using our evening hours differently and for whatever wonderful reason my energy levels haven't been in the pits like they a few months before.

lee - actually Mounce has a alphabet song already - but I loose the rhythm pretty easy. But I'm nearly consistent, and more importantly I can recognize the letters and know the sounds. I'm impressed that you could say it backwards and forwards - I can't even do that with the english alphabet.

Susan - Wow back at you, that much Latin in 10 wks, my brain may have exploded. One of Mounce's encouragements is that once I've memorized 319 words I'll then know 80% of the NT Greek. I know two by sight - and, God - only 317 more to go and another 20% :-). Thanks for the well wishes.