Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Photo randomness

This weekend I was hoping to take some photographs for Assignment #2 of my NYIP course. I'd been toying for over a year with taking photography classes. Then I found out about NYIP through a photography magazine and it peeked my interest, because I'd been looking for something like this program, and wala - there it was. It took me about two weeks to finally decide to invest the time and money into NYIP, I tried find bad things about the program but couldn't (which was a good thing). Then I went online, and still nothing bad. So I took the plunge, and I'm glad I did. The material set off all these light bulbs, and things started clicking. It's really well-done (at least in my opinion).

According to the Weather Channel website the weather in SA is going to suck this weekend. The ideas I had for the assignment had me outside, so now I'll have to challenge myself to come up with something different until the weather is better.

What do I like to photograph: people/portraits, things, nature. Ok, so things is a pretty broad term, but I want to photograph things way up close. So I've started pricing macro lenses, and holy cow are good lenses expensive, and I know this, but it's been awhile since I've seriously looked for a lense. Now I'm begun my macro lense pennies-a-day fund. Santa gave me a good starting point, but I'm hoping my wife will take pity on me and say "yes, go ahead" in the next few months. I'll let you know.


Lee said...

Good Luck, JSD! I hope you find a lens for less than retail. Have you checked out ebay or the used camera places in town?


jsd said...

I've checked out the local Camera Shops and those in NY and Amazon. The local shops or about a $100 more then Amazon or NY. I did look at ebay just in case but I'm not an ebay fan.