Wednesday, May 04, 2011

EFM and Preaching

It's hard to believe I'll be completing EFM in another month...4 years of once a week classes from Sept-June. I've truly enjoyed it, I've learned alot about my own personal theology, I've had my beliefs stretched, and I've gotten to know an amazing bunch of folks.

In a couple of weeks I'll preach my first sermon as a Postulant. It was hinted that I should share my story, so I will. I've now got 5 possible endings 3 of which I don't really like now. I've tweaked it through a 4th revision, and I think after I read it aloud tonight to my wife I'm going to leave it alone for a few days. Then I'll add the visual queues for pauses and emphasis. I really hope it doesn't stink and that it's better then okay. My wife thinks it's really good, but she loves me, though she would tell me if it was a stinker.

I was thinking of having my wife video record it, but that may make me to nervous for my first sermon. But, I have asked that she be ready to let me know how the delivery goes :)

Peace and Blessings

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