Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is gonna hurt like...

Well, I found out how much aid I can get from the seminary...not much. If the wife is able to find a job, and I can get part-time work, and we have a little leftover from the move, and we take out a very small personal loan, and we get food stamps, and rent is less then $1100, and we are able to get some outside help...then we can eek by our first year.

Not at all certain how to make the 2nd and 3rd year work out, but shoot that's definitely putting the cart before the dying horse.

"School Certified" are magical words, cause if they're not then no private student loans for you -- you are denied. FASFA bah, who needs fasfa. We want to force you to get creative. I have discovered the cliff of my financial creativity.

So we head out soon into a very scary world of unknowing and ambiguity, hoping and praying to God that I'm not and have not brought my family to the edge of a well (reference to story about monks and brother monks).

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San said...

Higher education is costlier every year. And let's face it, you're undertaking HIGHER education. That means less help. Sorry to sound glib and light about something I know is really scary. Your faith will carry you through this, JS. You'll be in my prayers.

Our own daughter is on the verge of borrowing some BIG money for med school. She can get Stafford loans, as much as she needs, because they're banking on her making an excellent living. Not so for other fields where the rewards are less monetary.