Friday, April 22, 2011

Moving Along

I let my workplace know I'd be leaving a couple weeks ago, and that went really well; It was a relief to tell them. We're still looking for rental housing, but I'm not too worried at least not yet ;)

I figure come the end of May is when my highly organized self will kick into high gear with my lists of utilities to contact here and there. Find new doctors, getting Cobra in place and finding a moving company and all other sorts of fun stuff that comes with moving.

Dare I say in some ways it hasn't sunk in yet, that in alittle over two months everything changes. But, I'm ready and I know my wife is ready, the kiddos are getting there and I think once Summer kicks in will be ready too.

Continued prayers for my wife finding a job. Job and house, and all the rest falls into place.

Easter Blessings!


Lee said...

Wow, back to warmth and 90 degree weather. Wonder how long it will take you guys to aclimatize. Looking forward to seeing you the first chance we have. You've been missed! Prayers ascending for your smooth transition. Faith that God will take care of everything too.


jsd said...

Lee: I hope it takes less time to get used to the heat, then it did getting used to being cold all the time and what seems like never seeing the sun :)

Thank you for the prayers!