Monday, December 27, 2010

Meditation and Yoga

Sometimes we need to be hit with foam bricks :)  Yesterday the family and I went to the library to return books before they became overdue. Our typical library trip has the kiddos in the Children's section of the library which is absolutely fantastic; Wife lingers with the kiddos and I go and wander through the CD section or the non-fiction floor. Instead I decided to look at the DVD selections and found 2 yoga dvds that I was planning on buying but thought hey I can try them out first.

Sweat Pea wanted to do the dvds right away, but I wanted to do my walking video first then use the yoga video to unwind before they went to bed; after a bit of oh pleases she agreed to wait. Sonshine wanted to wait as well, and I was surprised that he wanted to do the yoga with us, but pleased.

Sweat Pea and I have lots of things we like to do in common, things where we interact directly with each other and things we do near one another, wanting each others company but not each other's direct interaction. Sonshine needs lots of direct interaction and doesn't do well with doing things on his own.

However, Sonshine really enjoys meditation and will meditate on his own at bedtime even if we can't meditate together, and he really seemed to enjoy the yoga. We both needed to stop at the same time; I worry that's he's gotten pudgy and out of shape, and the yoga will be a nice way to build flexibility and strength in his body. Sweat Pea was able to do all the poses pretty easily and could have kept going :) She's super strong and flexible and loves showing us all these poses she makes up.

I'm really happy that Sonshine and I have found something other then video games to connect around, something that's spiritual and good for us both. And there's an energy we can share in these activities together that's really beautiful.

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