Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope y'all have joyous and festive holidays, and a brilliant new year! I'm excited for the holidays and for the new year, as I will either earlier in the year have a final answer or later in the year have that final answer.

I received my draft report and it is a wonderful report and recommendation with only one detail needing correction. So I gave the counselor that detail and sent my release, so now I wait until the new year to see if the official version makes it to the Diocese in time. It should as long as the report is mailed before or on the 29th. And if perchance it doesn't, I have a back-up plan that may or may not be acceptable, which would be to ask if the draft could be used in place of the official. So I wait in my advent and hope for an epiphany :)

To know where I'll be, to be able to tell my children where they'll be by mid-January - there is no better gift then this, no better way to start off my new year.

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