Monday, December 06, 2010

Weather and lots of talking

I drove in the night before, because "the office" is too far away to attempt the drive first thing in the wee morning hours and traffic would be too heavy. But, wow was the weather horrid. There were times when I was doing 40mph and had a death grip on the steering wheel. My 4 hour drive took, about 6 hours. Then the hotel errored, but thankfully was able to correct my reservations, else I'd of been looking for a new hotel that night. But the other two days the weather was wonderful.

My family came with me and they did touristy things each day and had a blast. We don't expect to be in that area again for quite a long time, so this was their opportunity to see more of the U.S.

Both of my days at "the office" were really good. The two people I needed to interact with were surprised and pleased at my ability to be forthright and open. Their comment surprised me cause I thought wouldn't everybody be that way. But, apparently they often have to pull-teeth or dig to see what people are hiding. And because I was very open, and because all of my tests indicate consistently normal and healthy I (hence we) got to leave early. And since everything went so well I should barring some oddity have my report before Christmas! I hope so because the Diocese is closed from Christmas until the New Year.

No surprises in that I do indeed know myself well, and the tests indicate that I'm well suited for ministry :) But, I'm hoping to not have to take that many tests to evaluate "me" for a very long time. So, now I wait. I'm getting so much better at waiting, even though that's not my nature ;)

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