Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I got to read my letter of recommendation. It's a beautiful, lovingly written, and thoughtful letter. This process continues to humble, but I imagine that's part of the point :) Though I have to admit my first reaction was one of doubt. My own self mirror...well...let's just say it easily magnifies the flaws, and my own inner need of perfection (it's okay to laugh here). The letter includes a piece of where her strength is a weakness, and hence my own mirror magnified this piece of the letter. But as I've reread it, left it aside, and then reread, I can only smile because they've a point.

And, it scared me that my letter of recommendation had a "flaw" in it, because shouldn't all letters of this type only reflect how awesome you are? But the letter does reflect this, and it reflects my humanity, and that's something all good priests need.


San said...

So, aren't you going to post the letter on the internet so that we all can see your flaw magnified?

Just kidding of course. Seriously, it sounds like a wonderful letter with the ring of truth, and another "learning" opportunity.

murat11 said...

Wonderful, jsd. Congratulations. Flaws included are good. No flaws included might have meant they were cutting and pasting.

jsd said...

San: It is a wonderful letter, it's sincere, loving, and honest. It just takes me abit to look at my flaws with love instead failure.

murat: Flaws are good especially when they aren't mine ;P And I'm very glad they didn't cut & paste.

Lee said...

Wonderful! Yes, humanity is very much a part of being priestly. :) A wise woman once told me, regarding service to Christ, that if it was perfect it wasn't for Jesus. Maybe that means being us too.