Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation and a New Computer

If all goes according to the Tracking Tool the family's new desktop computer arrives today. Our current computer is limping along, even with a new bigger and better hard drive, a newly reloaded OS, and TLC from my friend Computer Geek - it just isn't happy. So we figured it was better to get another one before the current one decides to depart us for good. I bought the same brand again (the price and hardware options got me); however, if this one has the same problems and needs replacing as soon as "limping" did, then that's it - I won't buy another one of that brand.

I also got a router...(1) I've wanted to figure out how it works and now seems like a perfect opportunity, (2) I'll eventually have a laptop and will need to do this anyways, and (3) I'm hoping to keep "limping" around for another year or so.

So prayers that I don't pull out all my hair and ruin my vacation over getting hardware all working and playing nicely before Sunday.

The time of our Adirondack trip has arrived. Prayers for no rain; I can handle cloudy, even chilly, but please no rain! The Wife is really happy that I've finally agreed to go canoing. I figure if I can handle being in one of those push-pedal boat thingies then I can make the leap to a canoe. Sonshine will finally be out of his boot and in tennies, he can't run yet, but yea for more comfort and normal walking. I also told Sonshone that he could bring his nerf guns and we can shoot at soda cans and play capture the flag, his grin was awesome. [We gave up a few years back on no toy guns, and I think The Wife gave up on "you can only point your gun at the ground or the sky"] My last plan is to take my camera and Sweetpea on a couple hikes. But, my real hope for our vacation is that my spiritual well recharges, my children relax into Summer and recover from a stressful year, and that my wife finds inner peacefulness too.

I took some pictures of flowers that were growing in flower beds planted by seniors in an assisted living center while I waited to begin my pastoral visits. So, here's some glory:


murat11 said...

Beautiful flowers. You all have a wonderful time out there on the road.

jsd said...

murat: Thanks, and we did have a great time.