Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recorders Are On the Way

Sonshine has become quite interested in musical instruments, and though he has no desire (at least not yet) to learn to play a guitar (the kiddos have one their size), he asked to learn the violin we think because lessons are available during after-school care; however, the rental fews out price us. So we talked to him about well why not the guitar, then he said well really I want to play an instrument with buttons. So, we said alright, but lets start with a recorder first. Most of what you'll learn with it will apply to other woodwinds, and if you really like it and stick with it we'll explore other instruments.

So I went searching on and found a Yamaha Soprano Recorder normally $32 for $6.50 which got nice reviews. I bought 3 of them encase Sweetpea wanted to learn too. Plus I too have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument so maybe this is the nudge I need. I pick up my guitar sporadically to learn, but can't seem to get past lack of finger calluses and end up putting it down. From the book I got us to learn how to play the recorder it does not look like finger calluses are a requirement - there may be hope yet.


Lee said...

Good luck to you and Sonshine on learning the recorder. I've done taken stabs at learning that instrument myself. One thing I learned is that my cat seemed to find the reorder noise fascinating.

Choir practice nights are back! Yay!


San said...

This reminds me of way back when I was in fifth grade and our teacher had us learn to play recorders. It was fun. We made a joyful noise!

Anne said...

I applaud this course of action. My musical undertakings have always been random, but thoroughly enjoyable. Good for you for giving this to you kids.