Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Up

In a few days friends from Tejas will arrive! I'm hoping one of them brings H.E.B. 'homemade' tortillas...oh, tortillas that do not taste like cardboard, mmmmm.

I am/others as well are making progress on my/our Ministry Project though I haven't started my parish discernment (P.D.) yet...the timing didn't quite line up. It's a bit daunting the amount of work to be done prior to getting the new ministry out the door.

My pastor had to reschedule our last meeting for mid-October, and I can't start P.D. until that meeting is completed. So, maybe I'll still start Step 2 in October, but maybe not. Though if not in October, then I imagine early November.

Knowing that I would keep putting off studying or taking the GRE. I went ahead and scheduled myself to take it in February. I found a book to aid me in my studies. I haven't read much of it; however, two things in the introduction struck me: (1) The GRE does not measure your intelligence but instead how well you can take the GRE (2) don't study for months ahead, you'll forget all the strategies. Both of these statements make me feel alot better. I need to finish reading the intro and then I think skim the entire book and then start studying in earnest. I've already gone through what's the worst that can happen's to hoping for a 450 and a 5 :) I took the ACT in high school, and oh my, the scores did not reflect the kind of student I am.

I'm supposed to do a seminary visit to a nearby seminary in November. I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy the drive there more then the actual seminary. It's not where I would want to go, but more of a 'Yes, I have visited x' kinda visit.

That's about it in a nutshell.


Anne said...

Tortillas. Check! :-d

Lee said...

Lucky friends to be able to come and visit you in the no doubt colorful season of fall. I'll remember tortillas too though probably not till you get back here.

Prayers being said for no further delays in your meetings and processes.

Good luck with the GRE studies. I needed to cover math from beginning to the end when I had to take the TASP because it wasn't given when I went to college. Sigh. I'd be interested in knowing what test taking strategies they suggest because I've probably heard most of them, just not on the graduate test taking level. Might compare to when I took the TExES exams though. :)


San said...

I'm sure the GRE has changed a lot since I took it way back when. I was told, "Don't study. There's no way to prepare." That wasn't exactly right. I remember that, even though I'd gotten an A in Behavioral Statistics, and in Finite Math, and had suffered through Advanced College Algebra, I hadn't thought about simple things like the formula for calculating the area of a triangle since high school. I could've brushed up on little things like that and not wasted time trying to remember them. I did score very high nonetheless, even in the "quantitative" section. It all came back.