Monday, September 07, 2009

Lazy Daze Lolling To An End

I have immensely enjoyed July and August. It felt like time stretched for me, like there was always enough time to get all that needed doing done without feeling overwhelmed. I'm not sure that feeling will stay as September begins. I'm looking at my calendar and my two week period of evening meetings 3 nights each week.

Highlights of the Summer in no particular order:
- Getting married (again :) to the same great woman)
- Riding the Cog Railway (if you're going to visit N.H. this was well worth the money)
- Hiking Camel's Hump
- Bike riding
- Reading things other than religiousesque books (having the time to indulge)
- Rowing (Concept2 makes great indoor rowing machines; 4k more and 4+ years later and I'll have rowed my first 1 million meters)
- Sun and warmth
- Visits from family and friends

Looking forward to hot apple cider and brilliantly colored trees.


murat11 said...

That's a list for the ages. Enjoy the soon-advancing colorama.

Lee said...

Glad your summer went so well, JS! Wish I could have been one of the friends to visit. Hope the fall and winter bring their own good memories. Now you're aclimatized and things will work better on the dealing with all that snow and ice front.

Happy fall!


jsd said...

murat: I will, I will :)

jsd said...

lee: Thank you...I don't know about acclimated but a little more adjusted yes :)