Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unbelievable Sorta II

Tonight my family and I went to the Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner at "our church" (I could gag). We've been there 8 months. No one sat with us even though there was room. The woman who my son invited to sit with us pointedly ignored him - though I'm not surprised as she is the EVIL church lady. We got a few drive-by hellos, but only one person, the pastor from another church who I'm in a group with came over and was geniune in her hello and wanting to meet my family.

We left as soon as we finished eating. The only thing keeping me from tears is the amount of fucking anger I have right now. Not even my own pastor said hello and he was sitting at the table across from us.

If I ever become a priest and can survive these people and/or make it past them - God help me, I will never let another family experience what mine did tonight. Christians - what a fucking joke. When you look up Christian in the dictionary what do you see - hypocrite.


Cecilia said...

JSD, I am truly sorry you had to endure such blatantly unkind behavior. I'm grateful for the pastor who showed you some real welcome.

So... why is this your church? Is it literally the only one around? Or are there other options for you? Wishing you could find greater welcome.

Pax, C.

Heidi said...

I'm sorry no one sat with you! Peace in your search for hospitality and welcome.

Lee said...

That's awful! And it's extremely awkward! Well, "Hello", hope your Ash Wednesday service time is better than last night's dinner time was, and a really big (((HUG!!!)))!

Prayers for improved behavior from the congregation ascending!


jsd said...

to all - thank you for the kind words; i always feel weird after venting, but have found that it's better to vent then keep it in, and this is a sfe place to vent - so again thank you.

cecilia: it's my church because to move on i'd have to start the process all over again (meaning be with a church for about a year before a could start step one). New England is so forgeign to me...and the thought of more years here then necessary scares me.

It isn't the only church around, but it's the closest, and I've invested alot of myself in this church. The church hasn't experienced any real growth in over 4 years per annual meeting stats, and they just don't understand why because "they're so friendly". All churches have reputations, but I don't think they know what theirs is because the church has dwindled to clicks who are happy with their church - and they don't talk to the people who leave. They have a lofty mission statement that they are so far from it hurts my heart.

Ironically, I'm the church's Greeter Lead...it stings just writing that, i'm embaressed. But finding people to greet has been challenging. We've made progress from not combining ushering and greeting.

Ugh - sorry the con't rant. i've made my bed, now i either have to try to bring change or shut-up.

Jesse said...

Hi there,

I went through the same experiences when I was trying to find a new church. It took a lot of searching, and alot of hurts and patience. We finally found a good church and community. Best of luck to you,

God Bless ...

jsd said...

jesse: thank you for the blessings, and I'm glad you were able to find a good palce and community.

San said...

YUCKY behavior.

jsd said...

san: indeed...but today, one of the ladies I've grown to appreciate as an incredible model of humility gave me an unexpected complimant right after Adult Sunday School...she told me she was very glad that I was here at this church.

San said...

Leave it to the incredible models of humility to recognize one another.