Monday, February 16, 2009

Catching Up

The wife and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day - though she did manage to sneak in card shopping. But, we spent the evening together as a family at a Senior's Center serving a meal that the parish had put together. There were about 12ish of us and about 50ish of them. It went really well and we had requests to do this again; hopefully we do.

I emailed my Pastor and got the thumbs up for starting step one of the discernment process sometime in March/April. I am quite excited but (yes there's a but) it doesn't quite feel real yet cause I don't have an actual let's meet on this date yet. I've sent days/times and now I wait for the here we go date back. There's parts of me that are doing twirls and spins on the inside - the it's going to happen dance. Then there's the wall flower watching and thinking - watch your step cause it could all come tumbling down. So for now I'm just trying to honor both aspects of this dance I call discernment.

There's more odds and ends, teaching a class in March, really need to start working on the auto-bio now, we may have found a new rental place - will know sometime this week.


Lee said...

:-) Yay for the potential discernment! And for the possible rental place. Prayers ascending for both!


murat11 said...

Feels like some good movement is on its way...

jsd said...

lee: thank you.

murat: yeah, I'm hoping so.

mihalis-halkida said...

Hello my name is Michael. I have seen your blog and it is perfect. We follow your blog from Greece and I wish you good fun and joy
A simple life, simple happiness
Greetings. Michael

jsd said...

mihalis-halkida: Thank you very much for the compliment. Πολλές ημέρες από την ειρήνη και ευλογίες σας και τα δικά σας.