Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Much Up

There's not much going on, which is nice. We had to have the gas company come out last week cause it was only blowing cool air. Luckily it was just a horribly clogged air filter and wrong ducts turned on...apparently it's a maze of duct work down there.

The daughter is fixated on people who are wearing shorts and short-sleeves. She wishing I could be a priest in Texas...the winter has lost it's charm for her. And we've still got a ways to go...sigh, I'm with her.

The wife and I are going to try to get us outside a litte more, but it's hard with negative numbers and single digit numbers in the degree department. Luckily there's b-ball for the son for a few more weeks, and the daughter just started ballet.

Well, gotta run Martha Speaks is ending and that's my que to get us ready to head out the door for school.


Lee said...

Ummm...it starts warming up in March, right? Just 2 more months. I've heard about folk in the cold and snow wearing shorts. Seems to have something to do with the dryness in the air. They were probably life long residents and fully aclimatized, but your day of not feeling like the weather is weird and hard to handle is coming soon!

We've got a freeze coming tonight, they sent us home from work early and Dallas closed at 2 PM. If the roads ice up I an call in late to work tomorrow. Thank goodness I don't live on the top floor.


murat11 said...

I believe the ballerina's onto something there, theologically and couture-ally.

Love to all...

jsd said...

lee: depends on what you mean by warming up - I think in March it is consistenetly in the 30s.

Stay safe and off the roads.

murat: :-) I do agree.

San said...

This is the time of year the winter begins to lose its charm for all of us. And we just had a few teasing days of unseasonably warm temps. Boy, did that whet my appetite for Spring!

jsd said...

san: first people told me January is the worst, then they said February was the worst, now they hint that even March can be the worst...ah the joys of living somewhere were most of the year is spent in temps that hover around the 30s.