Sunday, January 04, 2009

The End of Christmas Vacation is Upon Mi Familia

This Christmas break has been great...the wife had this time off as well, so we didn't have to find a xmas camp for the kiddos. What I like best about the wife being able to stay home is all the extra time the kids get with us. Plus, added sweetness - I have fewer chores and can just come home and unwind with my family.

But, sadly the regimented schedule begins tomorrow...however, today's not over and it is an exceptionally sunny day.

Today I EMed at the 11am service and it went really well - I even managed to stay relaxed through the whole service (though I nearly closed the book too soon but caught myself - ching). Then I went on two EVs - it's been so nice returning to this ministry. And with this being my second round of visits the 4 month "break" (had to go through training and so paperwork had to be in place) rustiness has worn off.

I'm even using my heart rate monitor when I row - gotta get to and stay in the zone, especially if I want the beeping to stop :-) Now I need to incorporate some pilate sessions into my week to help stretch out my back and help my core out which will help out my back.

Today is one of contentment.


Lee said...

Welcome back to the feeling of normality. I loved the holidays too. Not so much for peace and quiet, but for the business and having things to do, places to go, and people to see. Sorry to see them go as the pace now slows down considerably while yours will speed up. Wishing you peace and calm midst all the business and many special moments with your family.


San said...

You do sound content, JS. I'm glad you and your family had sweet, relaxing holidays.

My daughter has been showing me some Pilates. My core needs work! I am daunted by the strength I have lost through neglect, but I read something heartening--that strength returns more quickly than you'd think, once you get into the swing of working out. I was having some shoulder pain and a simple samba routine in front of the tv has made a big difference in that. I can even tell a difference as I do the routine.

murat11 said...

Yeah, we're all back to our daily bustles today. A lot more seamless than I thought. Kept it light, wakin' all the little grey cells up gently.

Here's to a wonderful year.

jsd said...

san: i really like pilates, i got the windsor pilates dvds which are really well done. it doesn't take much doing of these to notice an improvement...ah, but it's the doing :)

I hope your shoulder continues to improve!

I am content - I am trying not to think or judge or wonder about it, but just be with it.

lee: thank you lee...some of your busyness doesn't have to you've time to focus on the other things that need focusing on.

murat: i'm glad you had an easy re-entry and didn't kill any grey matter ;-)