Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Uh Huh Her - So Excited

The wife and I were watching the last episode of Season 5 of the L Word...and one of the extras is a video - so we watched it. And to my great delight Leisha Haley is part of a band again! And well at least to my ears the music is awesome (cd is on the way).

So for your listening pleasure, here's "Not a Love Song":


Lee said...

Cool! I'm glad one of your favs has music things happening in her life again. Her music has an interesting feel to it. It is definitely modern but also has that air of innocence that was so prevlant with some of the music of the Flower Children of the 60's. Perhaps it's that sweet softness and the unicorns that lead me to feel this.


jsd said...

lee: glad you enjoyed the music. it's interesting how you hear soft sweetness - while for me it's edgy and rockin'.