Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events + A Sprinkling of Perspective + A Dash Sass

I've decided that the book series titled "A Series of Unfortunate Events" has come to describe my life currently. But at least in my version none of the unfortunate events involves someone trying to kill me and mine.

My canoe with no oars has passed the latest set of rapids...I'm currently drying my drenched self - thank goodness for wool; warm even if wet. But, awefully stinky...eewweee ;-)

I've come to doubt everything...but still managing to hold onto my thread of a lifeline to God. We're ok...I'm reading "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People" a must read for someone living in the midst of a series of unfortunate events.

Can I rebuild my relationship with God in time? Can I find my voice of call that shivers in Sunday School class (or here commonly called Adult Ed)? Can I let go of doubt and worry, and sit instead with wonder and hope?

I need a new table and some different guests, all whom I seem to be finding but not at church. I'm finding the people who care in VT are not in my religious circle, well no there's one retired preist and his wife. But, maybe that is how it should be...this isn't a church that sees itself as a family but more like social justice avengers with no headquarters to return to when weary and in need of rest. Where they find their solace and lick their wounds I do not know...maybe at the Duncin Dougnuts across the street.

Trip Upon Thyself and Voice of an Other Generation Avenger away - Peace out, 2 Chest Bumps, and 1 Fist Knock...damn, that wasn't the combination to Wonder Woman's jet - oh hey wait I can't walk on water yet - shit there goes the canoe...catch y'all later.


murat11 said...

I guess it is a coracle, ain't it?

Lee said...

JS, great post! Loved the sass and the sprinkling of perspective. The "where do they come to find solace" question brought to mind the parable that completed my faith. It's the "Jesus being the gate" and by going in through him his followers find pasture. Maybe this is his version of the faith is the only way to God thing.


jsd said...

murat: ahhh, i could not for the life of me remember how to spell that was my first choice of water flotation device.

lee: glad you enjoyed the post.

San said...

I'd given you that award before I'd even read this particular rant. Another reason to HEART your blog.

No wonder that church doesn't provide the right comfort zone for wound-licking. That should be a Krispy Kremes across the way. That's where I can find some serious comfort. Dunkin' is a dumbed down version. Bring on the jelly-filled, the chocolate-coated, the deep-fried. The luxurious custard centers that make my taste buds walk on water.

jsd said...

San: ooohhh Krispy Kreme...spine tingling, mouth dripping, sugary goodness. I'm not sure there's even a Krispy Kreme in the whole state :-(

An infusion of sweetness and comfort would do the Social Justice Avengers a world of good.