Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Tag Thy Self

Seven unuasal things about me...hmmm, maybe I can change the tag if I can't think of 7 things.

1. My first name rhymes with Scoobey Doo, and since I blog annonymously have fun.

2. I grew up calling sliding doors - door walls...I think it's just a Michigan thing. The first time I said door wall in a sentence my wife looked at me funny.

3. My right foot is bigger then my left foot which makes finding shoes a royal pain in the butt. To add insult to injury my right foot also has plantar fasciitis.

4. I know how to say I like the way you wiggle your ass in Korean. Ah those where the so-ju days.

5. I didn't win any awards until my time in the military. Suprisingly, I was quite a good soldier - it just wasn't for being gay and all.

6. I don't not know how to read a tape measure past wholes, quarters and halfs. When my wife learned of this she lovingly told me how sorry she felt for me.

7. I've purposefully pushed myself into a crevise just to have to then climb right back out of it. A crevise is an eerily beautiful space to occupy (well as long as you're attached to a rope). The hardest part was the last two feet, because my body weight and backpack dangled off my hip 5 feet below me kept digging the rope deeper and deeper into the snow bank around the edge. It's very hard to get your mittened fingers between the rope and the snow and push this thingy (I can't remember the technical terms anymore) up which would then inch me literaly up an inch (or however much I was able to move it). It took close to an hour to climb up 10 feet.


Lee said...

Cool choices for this JS. I'll work on mine next. I also think I still owe Sandi a past tag but never got around to it.

I had no idea you'd ever beem mountain climbing, or was that rapelling? The later is something I've wanted to do but have only had the chance to observe so far.


murat11 said...

Your name must be Ruby Tue-(sday).

That door wall think makes me think of Clark Kent.

I would need Wonder Woman's help for #7.

Love: rhymes with rascal

jsd said...

lee: i did this during a mountaineering class within the cascade mountains of washington state.

murat: ah, but alas no - however, my name was once mentioned in a steve martin movie though the name of the movie escapes me.

hmm, Clark Kent - you'll have to share. lol wonder woman would tell you to get yourself out as getting into it in the first place wasn't so smart :)

alt said...

I think a closer cartoon character rhyme would be Winnie the Pooh. Don’t feel bad about the foot thing. Everybody has one foot that’s slightly larger than the other, it’s a side dominance thing. :-d

San said...

Ruby Lou, that's a nice name. As is "door walls." But are you sure it's a Michigan thing? My spouse hails from Detroit and I have never heard him say such a thing. That doesn't mean I don't look at him funny from time to time. He has, however, suffered from plantar fasciitis. This happened when he became a distance runner, but, lo and behold, it went away.

When I am in Korea, I will contact you for some linguistic tips.

Good soldiering must preclude the reading of the finer calibrations of tape measures. In Bama we called 'em measuring tapes.

That crevise thing--better you than me. I'm glad we have adventurous souls like you who live to tell the story.

jsd said...

alt: Ah Winnie the Pooh, recently the daughter spelled his name as Winnie the Poop :0

san: hmmm, maybe door wall is a weird thing my family invented; I'll have to ask my cousin.

you know climbing out of crevice seems so much easier then the spiritual muck i'm trying to climb out of now.

San said...

JS, you have another annoying award over at my place...

jsd said...

san: here are no annoying awards :-) on my way.