Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fhankful Five

1. For all the people who love me even though I don't always make that easy.
2. That I didn't break the shovel this morning, like I did the snow scraper.
3. That my in-laws are awesome.
4. That the software I've been testing is almost out the door.
5. That today has been a good day and not an unfortunate one.

p.s. And thank you San for the blog award - ya helped make my day.


murat11 said...

What's all this about shovels and scrapers? Surely Wonder Woman can melt the snow with her X-ray amazement!

Missing all of you at this weekend's 40th celebration at Rec. I'll find a way to put you all on the anniversary altar we're creating in the south narthex.

Love, peace, and x-ray powers: p.

San said...

Riches are yours, JS. :-D

This time of the year at our business we tend to feel sorry for ourselves. While the rest of the retailers in the world are selling their buns off, our business dries up, since it's tourist-driven and tourism just doesn't happen in the first part of December in Santa Fe. So we watch out for the little things. The other morning I'd taken a walk for a cup of joe, and on my return I saw this funny little piece of construction paper lying on the sidewalk. It said COMPLETE. Wonder what that means...I was thinking.

Got back to the gallery and there was a message on the phone machine. A gentleman wanted to pay off a large painting he'd purchased in September. He had another month to go but wanted to get it before Christmas. Transaction complete. Money in the bank account we hadn't counted on. Sometimes it's the little things we need to notice--and they may be as insignificant as a scrap of construction paper blown from who knows where.

jsd said...

murat: ah, alas if Wonder Woman has x-ray powers she's holding out :-) I'd forgotten how heavy the white stuff gets.

I wish we could have been there for the feastivities and rememberancing - but, at least I'll get a virtual view from the DVD.

San: holding onto blessings seems to be where I've some major spiritual work to do...I'd add remembering but I think holding can include remembering.

Seems your construction paper turned out to be a $20 dollar bill in the pocket you didn't know you had moment - sweet.

Lee said...

And Paschal did just that! You two are officially on the altar! Yay! If I remember I'll take a pic and email it.

Be well this week and may things go smoothly for you. 'Twas good talking to you last night!