Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The family is pretty excited about going camping this weekend. It’s our first camping trip of the summer. I just checked the weather for the weekend and it’s a lookin’ good!

I need to check my camera batteries before we leave – I think the power supply is going. If that’s the case, the camera probably won’t even be worth keeping. What really stinks is that the camera is only a few years old and only moderate use.

In Sunday school we’ve been discussing what the Book of Revelations is and isn’t. The book that goes with the class provides a really nice overview about what it means to read Rev. as a road-map, myth, or historical-critical. It’s been nice having my paradigm shift. It’s no longer this going to hell scripture but a “wake up” call to what being Christian means.


Lee said...

Hey JS,
Have fun! I'll try to take good notes in J&J. (g)

jsd said...

Thanks - I'm sure we will. It'll be very nice to relax and sleep under stars with the chirping of crickets and the rambling of water.