Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poetry Today

My wife got me a miniture rock garden as a gift
It sits perfectly still on my desk
Neatly raked everything in its place
Three stones three models (cottage cottage swan)
Two trinities
Equally spaced perportional grace
Swan fallen awaiting its arising

Questions of place and space and my place within the space
Questions of grace within divine conversation of late
Questions to grapple and wrapple and untangle within inner sactum

Internalized treasure chests lay claim to anwsers yet unvocalized
Open me open me open me you see
Ah yes maybe no what if what if not oh so oh bother

What kind of risk taker am I
Well that depends on whether you ask the mother or the other idealist inside
What balance what risk what compromise

Gifts upon gifts and life experience
Heavy from the holding in
But for the grace of God where go I

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