Thursday, May 24, 2007


Willow shire

Weeping willow beside the river
Bowed down and thick trunked
Seasons flowing past
But steady you stay baring the memories
For the rest

Sitting Together

Mama you forgot we have to do the
sitting down close our eyes thing
Oh, you remembered, you want to Ok
Sit crisscross apple sauce
Rest your hands on your knees close your eyes
Think one happy word and say it inside your head
Breathe in – breathe deeply so they hear me –
I listen for their echoed inhale
Exhale loudly now do it again
again – giggles breath giggles are we done
Yes, I come back to them and they to me


Lee said...

Hi JS. Loved Sitting Together. I first heard "criss cross apple sauce" in a classroom. Never heard it as a child, or I don't remember if I did. Where did you guys pick it up? Also liked Willow shire. As so often happens some of your shorter and deeper? ones need thought. You make me grow!


jsd said...

Hi Lee, I heard crisscross apple sauce first from my wife, and my daughter picked it up at her daycare.

Blush - thank you for the wonderful compliment.

alt said...

Sitting was very nice. Captures the moment.

jsd said...

Thank You ALT :)