Sunday, May 20, 2007

Random Photos

The top two photos are of Garner State Park (a really great park to take the family to).
The mid-three photos are taken at a fellow parishener's ranch in Sisterdale.
The bottom two photos are of Lola and Blue - the family's hermit crabs curtesy of ALT.


Lee said...

(g) Hi JS,

Glad to see the hermit crabs are thriving. They are doing much better than they would have at my house when I was a kid.

I've been to Garner exactly once. It was in the mid 80's on a church camping trip. We saw a double rainbow on Sunday morning. My first ever.

Peace, Hope, & Joy!

jsd said...

Hi Lee, We got the hermit crabs a larger habitat and they appear to be much happier.

We've only been to Garner once also but plan on going back - it was great. I've never seen a double rainbow - how cool is that.

Peace and Joy back at ya.

Susan Palwick said...

Ooooh! Pretty pictures! I especially love the hermit crabs; how lucky they are to have such a good home!

jsd said...

Thank you Susan! The hermit crabs are pretty neat. We only had a "Oh No where's the hermit crabs" once when I was out of the living room and my son got distracted by the TV. Luckily they were easy to find and unharmed.