Monday, February 19, 2007


Chest pains stress pains it’s been awhile
Deep breath slow breath healing energy
through my right hand
Guided to the center of my chest aches


Pin-soul eyes closed photography
One tree comes into focus
Lush green meant for me
Image fades all goes white
Where am I
No, no, want to go back


Lee said...

Good morning, JSD! The pin soul photo poem is fun. I liked the way it imaged waking up from a dream. The other one ties to a memory when a friend taught me how to use Chakra energy for healing. It also makes me wonder if you are ok?

Breath of Peace!

jsd said...

Morning Lee: I'm glad the you found the pin-soul poem fun. The 1st poem is more me describing a Reki moment. You needn't worry I'm fine, thank you for asking though.