Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Poetry Escapes Me

I'm not one who can really write happy poetry - I get close with nature poems.

This one I wrote on a napkin while taking fast food orders many, many, many years ago (it's still one of my favorites):
Soft light glowing
A kaleidoscope of colors in the sky
Making everything appear pure, untouched
Gentle rays shining down
Awakening life with its unheard sound
Quiet morning peace

This one was written sometime between '98-99:
In your arms and with your mouth slowly I turned to dust
As your breath escaped – your words scattered what remained of my heart
My soul has begun a journey trying to trace my path backwards from you
But my arrogance planted mustard seeds and the path back is overgrown

Today - randomness, just letting the words out, no meaning some meaning maybe yes I think cause and effect:
Into the void I plunge arctic waters black as black as the nightless moon
Buoyant waitless still sinking cold like the warm womb
The current carries me in its embrace by my undertoe
Deeper and deeper my lungs collapse but really they should explode
The force of which would push me upwards to float eagle-like

Looking into the depths where all answers lie my intimate self

Inspired by reading to my daughter about Polar Bears.


Lee said...

I thought the chapbook was pretty upbeat stuff. The polar bear poem is pretty intense and seems complicated. Maybe it's like the Harry Potter image where his memory to form a patronus is complicated...not exactly happy but the happiest he has ever been.

jsd said...

lee: maybe, maybe, I wasn't "sad" when I wrote the "arctic" poem - it just feels melancholy, and maybe that's a more accurate description of what I typically write. Mind you, I get to pick what I display to this world of blog ;-)

Sometimes I think where I write poetry from isn't where I live from in my everyday.

Lee said...

That makes sense. I used to write poetry only in my most emotionally painful moments. That definitely wasn't where I lived everyday. (g) I'm trying to remember if I have ever read a delirious, giddily happy poem. For some reason Ogden Nash seems to be the only name that comes to mind for that.