Friday, February 09, 2007


So I'm suppossed to write about cold...hmmm.

Heart frozen in a moment
caught in the net of paralysis
Opportunities sitting in her palm
frozen icicles hanging down
caught in a moment of decisions to be made
Time slowed to the heat of my heartbeat
melting drops slide down
slow-motion stop-motion action
Heart pounding in a moment
free of bindings free to answer the possibilities

hmmm...well...sigh - it'll do.


Lee said...

Wow! I really like those images! Maybe I'm reading more into it than you mean but, every time you say her I think of your wife instead of time, fate or any other concept that can be personified. So I keep seeing romance and love within your poetic images. That makes them really intense for me. Also I had never thought of heat being a motion so I am finding that image a focal point. I liked the slow-motion stop-motion too. Going from frozen to freedom hunh. Who says you don't write happy poetry?


murat11 said...

Who said you had to write about cold? (And why not?) (Just messing around.)

I like this one a lot, the weaving of physical cold with the heats and colds of the emotional / spiritual bodies as well.

"Time slowed to the heat of my heartbeat..." Nice.

Question: how quickly was this poem written? (No wrong answers here, by the way.) It has the feel of being written almost as fast as it reads, which would be a pretty amazing thing. If not, then its flow (out of "apparent" speed) is pretty cool, in and of itself.

Rave on. ειρήνη. (ειρήνη η)

jsd said...

lee: thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also glad you saw something in it that I hadn't - gives me something to think about.

murat11: Yes, the poem was written in under 3 minutes. Then minor tweaking and spell-checking for a probable grand total of 5 minutes. So, how did you get the greek text to appear? Peace back at ya.

murat11 said...

Cut and paste. Never let it be said a masterpiece cannot be written in under 5 minutes. Here to tell ya.