Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Cipher Needed

Sticks and stones and needles
holy, holy, holy
shout down - shout out
get out
holy, holy, holy

betwixt between my scene
holy, holy, holy
fire and ashes
lent is near
holy, holy, holy

no where some where under where
holy, holy, holy
oil water unction
buckling knees
holy, holy, holy
She tells me shapes
She tells me colors
She tells me directions

She counts
She identifies
She imagines

She has more wisdom than I
She has more life than I
She speaks words truer than mine
So it comes in threes...
...Bad luck
...Dumb luck
...Rather'd no luck
...Three wishes
...Three wise men
...Three french hens
...And then finally...
A partidge
in a pear tree
- for Murat11


murat11 said...

Well now, how cool is that. I am honored. Lots of goodies:

"betwixt between my scene"

I particularly like "no where some where under where," which my demented eye insists is "under wear," as it insists on "oil water (j)unction"

"buckling knees"

"Rather'd no luck"

And I love the three She stanzas.

What a gorgeous hymn.

jsd said...

I'm glad you liked them. It was my attempt at sound poems.

Lee said...

Interesting poem, JSD. Sound poems are new to me so, while I liked the rhythm and feel of your poem, including many of the phrases, I don't believe I understand what it was meant to do. Hoping you can teach me. (g)

jsd said...

hi lee, the poems where meant to sound pleasing to the ear while conveying who knows what, I was barely aware of what I was doing. I was trying to mirror murat11's style. Which is why I titled the blog entry "No Cipher Needed".

Lee said...

Ah, that makes me feel better. Do you have any example of sound poems by published authors that I can listen to or read so that I get a better understanding? What worked for you in learning about this style?

jsd said...

lee: what I mean and have read comes from murat11, so I'd check out his blog - I've a link to his blog.