Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After Thanksgiving

The morning was pretty typical for someone whose family isn't in the same state - it was spent making phone calls and trying to catch up and not sound like a broken record after the third phone call and get the kids to talk each and everytime more than two sentences.

Then there was the cooking and the little 3lb turkey breast didn't burn and wasn't undercooked - yea. The mashed sweet potatoes most likely won't make next years list of side dishes to prepare, which was a little disappointing cause I really like sweet potatoes. The pie turned out well - let's just say I was glad I had an extra pie crust.

But the best part (and the important part) was spending the day with our friends. This is what really made it feel like the holiday of giving thanks: the sharing of food and selves with people I care deeply about.


Lee said...

Hi, JSD! Somewhere I have a recipe for sweet potatoes that my sister-in-law used to make. It's pretty awesome. I'll see if I can find it and share it, if you'd like.


jsd said...

Hi Lee, that would be great, one can never have too many ways to prepare and eat sweet potatoes.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!